Diane’s bellows-tongue shoes


Hi Sharon,
I have not made any shoes in a while but finally I had some time and made a pair of bellows tongue shoes. They are so comfortable! And the best part is that I used fabric for the top so if I change my mind and want a different look or the fabric wears out before the leather, I can just put in new fabric. Also, they will be cooler to wear on hot days.

I have sent some pictures for you, including one of how I have had to modify the pattern to fit my feet. I cannot do that rounded heel cup thing at all otherwise I step on the seam and it hurts. I guess my feet are a lot differently shaped than yours!

I got the leather from a yard sale, the fabric from an old pair of jeans someone threw out and the soles from a local store that sells industrial cast-offs. We have a couple of shoe designers in town, including the company that makes the Teva, Simple and Ugg brands, so sometimes soles, leather and shoe parts turn up there.


note from Sharon: Diane used a pattern from How to Make Simple Shoes for Women – with your own two hands! to make these shoes. She put some time into customizing the patterns, but I think she agrees that the results were worth the effort. I love the slope of the topline, the loops she made to catch the laces, the color of the heel support piece and the little touch of braid – so many opportunities for creative thinking!


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