Years ago I obtained a photocopy of a book with directions for making Renaissance boots. It didn’t have a cover page, and no indication of who the author was. So, I’ve made a pdf of it, in hopes that the information might be useful to you, here’s the link


It might be of interest to those of you who have seen people having their feet and legs duct-taped at Renaissance Faires  and have wondered about the process for transforming the tape into patterns for boots – and then the process for transforming the patterns into some of the beautiful boots seen at the faires.

I’ve used a different process, the stitch-down process, to make the  Renaissance-Faire boot  pictured here. “Stitch-down” means there is a little edge turned out where the upper meets the sole.

Of course you can make the boot-tops more ornate, higher, with more buttons, etc. Here’s the link to my book on making “ren-boots” – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k4DOWpbrOXbKdmAWhhU74PBrcfw4KT9M/view?usp=sharing