Just in time for spring weather – at least in the Northern Hemisphere – I’m offering the pattern for the “slip-on sandal” that can be made from my shoemaking kit! And, making these sandals will give you the opportunity to learn and practice “stitching-in”. Of course you can make them as “stitch-downs” if you prefer. Here’s the link to my video showing how to “stitch-in” these sandals –

I am posting the patterns on my website so you can make these sandals without purchasing a shoemaking kit from my etsy shop. My main purpose is to encourage people to make footwear, since the production of footwear is one of the most polluting industries on earth – anything you can make yourself, no matter what your process is, is much more ecological than shoes you purchase. Plus, it’s so much fun, your creativity will be displayed on your feet, and you can keep someone from buying a commercial pair of shoes by hand-making them a pair.

And, perhaps you will start a business, making custom slip-on sandals! I would be happy to help you get started, just email – You can also email me to let me know that you would like to join the shoemaking’s gathering on zoom  that I offer on the first Monday at 7:00ET and on the third Monday at 3:00ET.

The above link takes you to a video that shows you how to make custom slip-on sandals. If you are thinking about developing a slip-on sandal business, customizing might be the best

Here’s the link to the slip-on sandal patterns. Please make a mock-up first using felt for the upper and USPS box or similar cardboard for the sole. Alter the patterns to fit you, then commence to make an awesome pair of “stitch-in” slip-on sandals!