I started making footwear under the tutelage of this book, and eventually met Christine many years ago. The chapter that was always relevant to me is the one on How to Make Strap Sandals. I’m reproducing it here, if you ever discover that I’ve posted this chapter, Christine, and want me to take it down I will do so.

I like the strap configurations that she offers, especially the continuous strap one.  Her simple flip-flop patterns didn’t work for me, and I don’t like the padding that she puts in the sole, I prefer to use an 8-10-ounce piece of vegetable-tanned leather for the topsole. I offer the book How to Make Simple Ecological Sandals for Women with your own two hands if you’d like to work with my directions and patterns.

Here’s the link to the Make-It Yourself-Shoebook chapter on sandalmaking: