New tutorial: How to make warm boots for little cold feet

My one-year-old grandson needed a pair of warm boots. Out came the wool coat I had felted, the polar fleece from a thrift shop XX large pullover, and a wide bicycle tire inner tube. Since I decided to create a tutorial as I went along making his pair, I made the boots all by hand so people everywhere would know that, with just a few materials and a pattern, little feet could be warmed.

The boots needed to be cinched and I had some paracord (ties could be made from the wool coat if cord isn’t available) but didn’t want to purchase a plastic gizmo to cinch it. I googled “cord locks” and found a youtube video that showed how to make a “cobra knot” that would do the trick, but I couldn’t figure out what the heck the person in the video was doing. So i googled “cobra knot” and found a nice clear paracord bracelet-making video. Just two pairs of knots and a delightful little cincher was made. I’ll never use plastic again! (Admittedly, paracord is made of “plastic!)

If there are any little feet in your life needing boots, please take a look at the tutorial under the “tutorial” tab.


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