I found this site while chasing down the source of these beautiful felt and leather shoes on Pinterest. I believe the school is in Hungary that offers workshops in which these were made – wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were more of these schools everywhere!

And wouldn’t this make a beautiful shoe in all-leather – it’s a perfect design for a fomoc, and you could make it with a separate rubber or leather sole. Of course you could add the rubber or leather sole if you were making it in felt also.

Preserving tradition


The Folk Craft School was established in 1992 in Nádudvar with the aim to re-teach traditional knowledge (craftsmanship, natural way of life, intellectual heritage) for the generations gone away from it. With the help of the programme we can arouse interest towards ancient knowledge and methods which help human life, work well nowadays but are nearly forgotten.

Boglarka Boczy

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