upper material – 4-ounce goat, deer or calf vegetable-tanned leather from, chap-splits, 4-5 ounce suede, soft-temper bullhide from, maybe elk or moose if it’s lined (these hides are very soft)

lining (optional) – 2-ounce practice samples goat from

bottom sole – natural rubber sheet soling from simpleshoemaking, ar, tractor, truck inner tube, soling, dance suede

 inexpensive felt for making mock-ups

waxed braided cord for stitching, 1mm or heavier if you prefer,

Ecoweld water-based contact cement

silver gel pen for temporarily marking leather

double-sided tape


leather-cutting scissors if using leather, or scissors for felt or fabric

1/2″ acid brushes for cement, harbor freight

harness needles

glover’s needles

Osborne thonging chisel #483, prongs 1/8” apart, (SL)

single-prong 1/8″ thonging chisel, (TL)

rotary cutter, pad, and ruler set, optional, fabric store

sandpaper – skiver, also called beveling knife, and blades SP, Tl

safety glass or marble – skiving surface

rotary punch or round hand punches

pounding board or end-cut wood cutting board for pounding hand punches on

maul for pounding punches

compass for marking with pen, pencil and/or gel pen

wing dividers

1/2″ chisel, optional

belt sander – to sand the edge if you are using a leather bottom sole 

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