This is your lucky day!

harem pants noeMy lucky day occurred a week ago, when Neda Hussain put a photo of a shoe she made for her son on It is beautiful, especially because the colors were so nuanced. I went to her web page,, and was quite stiff when I eventually got up off of my chair, because I had been “riveted” to her website for hours, until I had read all of her posts. I even read the ones on clothing, although I don’t sew much clothing – but I do “reverse applique” on recycled T-shirts. I learned the technique, as did Neda,  from books from I am going to make my little grandson Solomon a pair of harem pants for sure. This photo of Neda’s son in his harem pants, stenciled T-shirt (with silk neckline) and chunky hand-made sandals has set a standard for hand-made style.

So I ordered Neda’s e-book, How to Make Unique Leather Sandals, and was again enchanted. Even though I have made many styles of sandals, I have not decorated them with punches, stamps, or paint, as she does. I have been missing out on a lot! At this point I don’t want to invest in stamps, but I’ve got the punches and paint, it’s time to experiment. She can take a simple sandal shape, and add so much interest with her artistic eye. I am thinking of my two sandal-making books, I still feel really good about the instruction that they provide, and I now see how the sandals could be enhanced, using some of her techniques. I’m pleased that I have found a way to stitch soles to sandals and shoes, avoiding the toxic shoe cements.

I enjoy it so much when ideas are shared between people who are doing something similar, yet different. Thank you, Neda!