Sometimes you just can’t win..


I noticed this pair of denim slip-on sandals in my closet recently, and was reminded of the occasion of my making them– I was on vacation with my mother, and wanted to have a project with me. It was a laid-back vacation without much to do.

I decided to enter a contest found in a craft magazine: “Make something unique from denim!” I thought making these sandals would guarantee I would be the winner – what could be more creative and unusual?

I spent many hours making them, then mailed them in time to meet the deadline. I waited for the magazine’s decision, but didn’t hear anything.
Then, the next month’s magazine appeared, and I checked the back page to learn the results of the contest – and there was the winner and it wasn’t me! Someone won who made a pot holder out of a jeans pocket!

At least it allowed me to remain in that meditative stitching state for many hours during my time together with my mother, which was of great benefit to us both.

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