leather scraps from discarded leather articles, upholstery remnants, or recycled fabric

flip-flops with broken straps

stitching thread, preferably waxed braided cord or stitching awl thread

one-inch-wide elastic for fisher sandals

duct tape

1/4″ double-sided tape

piece of foam core or other material for placing under sandal while punching stitching holes

inexpensive felt for making mock-ups

piece of cardboard for making mock-up soles

cool shoebox


scratch awl or pointed tool

rubber mallet or hammer

sharp scissors

silver gel pen for marking on leather

tapestry or harness needles

measuring tape


leather scissors

1/8″ thonging chisel, pounding board and maul

stitching awl, preferably Oxborne haft with speedy stitcher needle

5/8″ chisel for fisher sandal

rotary cutter, self-healing pad and plexiglass ruler, optional

Ecoweld non-toxic contact cement

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