Preview of coming attractions…

first lowmoc in red

I’ll soon be offering a new book – How to Make the Simplest Shoes with your own two hands! It will describe and offer patterns for a process I’ve wanted to tinker with for a long time – and recently a few things aligned, especially during the creation of  “First Walkers” shoemaking kits for toddlers. While making the prototype for these shoes I experimented with bringing the sole up higher around the edge of the shoe – my granddaughter seemed to struggle a bit with the flat turned-out stitch-down soles while learning to walk. It seemed she needed shoes that were more rounded, more foot-shaped.

Then I wanted to try bringing up the edge of the soles of women’s shoes. So here’s a photo of my first try! (and yes, that’s  deep snow still in my yard..) I call this style the “low-moc”; it’s made somewhat like a moccasin, but the sole only comes up about 3/4″ around the foot. Any of the uppers from How to Make Simple Shoes for Women can be used for making these shoes – just use a compass to cut off 3/4″ from the bottom edge of the pattern!

These are truly the simplest shoes to make, I think, because:

  • you don’t need lasts – the raised edge creates a nice shape in the toe area
  • so, you don’t need a toe box
  • you don’t need a belt sander to even the edge of the sole as you do when making stitch-downs (the stitch-down edge is composed of the bottom edge of the upper, the topsole, and the bottom sole) – lowmocs have only the bottom sole.
  • only simple hand-tools are used to make them
  • no need at all for noxious shoe cements! – the bottom sole is stitched on

STAY TUNED! I’ll soon have a new website, along with these new simple shoemaking products.

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