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Bramble and the roseHi Lisa, (creator of the boots above)

I’m so happy that a post on the facebook page of “leather for the love of it” mentioned that you are carrying Aquilim 315, a contact cement substitute. I recently ordered a small jar of aqualim 315 from a European supplier a few months ago and do love it, although the shipping costs were daunting – and now I see that I can get a much bigger quantity from you for about what I paid for the little one – thank you! It seems odorless to me, and spreads so nicely – I did a test on different combinations of soling materials to see how well it adhered them together; unfortunately it’s not very effective in adhering anything to the natural rubber soling that I like to use, but it’s great w/ Vibram Ecocrepe (30% recycled tire) – the Ecocrepe bonds well to itself (important for adhering a heel) and it also bonds the Ecocrepe well to vegetable-tanned leather. 


I don’t think I need Aquilim GL, rubber cement substitute – I recall seeing a video of your in which you applied rubber cement to leather then laid a stencil over it and brushed chalk dust (?) over the stencil so the pattern is clearly copied on to the leather – is this what you use Aquilim GL for? – and that’s not a process I use, so I think the 315 will do for every job I have, unless you have more uses for it..

Being able to re-use brushes is a challenge so i’d like to try yours – should I try the blade brush and the wide brush with silicone bristles? If you think they would both be interesting and useful w/ Aqualim 315, please send them both.

i’m wondering about the Crosslinker waterproofing agent – isn’t the contact cement bond waterproof as is?

And, I must admit that I haven’t used the skiving knife I purchased from you because i don’t know how to sharpen it! Now I see that you’ve got sharpeners for sale – more gratitude! Since I teach stitchdown shoemaking I’d like to offer students the less-expensive and manual way to sharpen, but I’d better learn how to do it myself first.  
Field sharpener
And even though I have lots of silver pens, in all stages of function/dysfunction I’d like to try yours.. so here’s my order:
Aqualim 315 – $75.00 size
One or both brushes, depending on your advice
Hirschkleber for adhering and hardening toe boxes
Guided Sharpener

Silver Leather Marking Pens – 2

Refillable Marker Pen

Thank you for offering these amazing, healthy and so useful products, please send me a paypal invoice,

Cordially, Sharon



The Aquilim GL is a rubber cement, so it’s a temporary bond. Cowboy boot makers use rubber cement to put boot tops together before they stitch them. I don’t find a lot of leather workers outside of cowboy boot making who regularly use rubber cement. But for those who do it’s a great substitute. When I use it for marking the design onto leather, I thin it with water so it’s easier to remove when I’m done.
I prefer the blade brush for use with the 315. The bristle brush doesn’t clog with the GL but it does a little with the 315. The cool thing about the blade brush is that it doesn’t have to be stored in the glue so you don’t need a special glue pot that accommodates a brush. You can keep it in any sort of jar, spread it with the blade brush, and then just lay the brush down until you’re ready to use it again. When you pick it up you can peel off the old glue and you’re ready to go.
Because the Aquilim glues are water based, water is technically the solvent for them. They’re advertised as water resistant but not water proof. You wouldn’t want to use them for a project that would be repeatedly submerged in water for example. However, I can tell you that I’ve used the 315 for projects that I did submerge in water and not had any problems. I haven’t gotten to experiment with the crosslinker yet but it sounds like a pretty simple process to use it.
Sharpening is hard, isn’t it? What I like about the sharpener that I sell is that it has a guide so you’ll sharpen at the correct angle.
Lisa Sorrell
boot maker
217 E. Oklahoma Ave.
Guthrie, OK 73044
Website: lisasorrell.com

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