Moccashoes for the World – How to make custom side-seam moccashoes

“Whoopee”, my latest video is on youtube! I realize this exclamation “dates” me, but one look at my hands in the video and you’ll know they – and the rest of me – has been around a long time. Note that although the shoes are gathered like moccasins, they can look quite contemporary and can be made from a variety of materials.

To me, this video shows how to make “the Holy Grail” moccashoe. I say this because it is simple to make, it is minimalist (you can add cushioning inside if you like), it will be custom-made to fit the wearer’s foot, it can be made unique with lots of variations, it is made with few and inexpensive tools, and it can be made of ecological materials.




My hope is that you will go through this process with a few different-sized and shaped feet belonging to family and friends – then once you’ve got it down, make them to sell! The process works best with supple leather, elk would be the ultimate (it’s soft, supple and spongey-thick). However, there’s a lot of fun to be had – and  admittedly frustration at times –  in tracking down already-existing materials to re-use. But, for me this search is necessary. We have the ability to create a “NO GREENWASHING” product, a totally green product, that no commercial manufacturer has done.

These are perfect moccasins for children – In the video I’m working on a pair for my granddaughter who wants lots of fringe. But without fringe they look a lot like “regular shoes”!

Selling locally is especially good with these moccasins since it’s best to make a felt mock-up and try it on the future wearer. There are a lot of people who can’t find shoes that fit their feet and will be very grateful that you are doing this.

Why do I call these “world moccasins”? I’m humbly hoping that they will be made all over the world. They can be made of bike or motorcycle inner tube and whatever material is at hand – leather, felted wool, heavy fabric – it seems to me that these materials are available almost everywhere. I am thinking of children – and adults – who don’t have shoes in warm climates, where worms can enter their bare soles. Inner tube would provide an impermeable barrier.

So the video is out in the ether now, may it be useful to many!

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