making children's shoes

Make one-piece moccashoes for children

Would you like a simple pattern for making shoes for children? One-piece-moccashoe patterns are now available in children’s sizes – the adult size patterns are on this website under “tutorials” heading. You can make these – perhaps with the help of the child – in a few hours, once you have made a quick felt mock-up to assure that you are making the correct-size moccashoes.

Since I am “all-in-eco” when it comes to shoemaking, I suggest that you use leather remnants or felted wool coats for making the shoes. If you want to add a sole, bicycle or motorcycle inner tube will work just fine. You can use fabric paint on the sole of wool moccashoes to make them less slippery.

When you make these shoes you will not be “greenwashing”, which occurs when a company advertises an environmentally-conscious thing it does – like use wool from USA sheep for instance – but doesn’t mention other materials (petroleum-based soling) and processes (made in sweat shops in the Far East, transported thousands of miles to market) that you can avoid by making moccashoes yourself!

Moccashoes are based on a Native American Salish (flathead) moccasin style, as described in the indispensable Craft Manual of North American Indian Footwear. However, drawings are offered in this pamphlet, not actual patterns, nor do they have stitch-marks on the drawings so you can accurately align pieces, as you will find on my moccashoes patterns.

For directions on making children’s moccashoes, follow this link to an article that I recently wrote for Mother Earth News:

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