I have two shoemaking books and a sandalmaking book available on my etsy site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/simpleshoemaking?. They are available at full-price, half-price and at no charge for those in challenging situations.

How to Make Ecological Simple Shoes for Women with your own two hands! has directions for making derby, flat one-piece and center seam shoes and patterns for each in women’s sizes 6 – 10. And, each of these patterns has  multiple variations, so you could be making a variety of shoes in a relatively short time – you’ll be a shoemaker! These shoes might be useful in starting a local shoemaking  business for you. (I say “local” because shoes that avoid being manufactured and shipped from far-away places are automatically more ecological.

How to Make Ecological Sandals for Women with your own two hands! has directions and patterns for making seven styles of strappy sandals.

How to make Ecological Moccashoes in Every Size with your own two hands! has directions and patterns for making footwear with characteristics of moccasins and shoes. The patterns range from size four toddler’s to size 11 women’s. Make simple shoes for the whole family, or start a moccashoe business!

Twenty-five years ago I was living with my husband and daughter in a commune in the UK, where hand-made shoes were on the feet of gardeners, potters and other residents. Realizing that it was possible to make footwear was the moment my life transformed!

Now I want to help other people become shoemakers “for fun or profit” by offering books, videos and toddler shoemaking kits. I am intent on helping people develop local shoe and sandal-making businesses, using truly “green” practices.

All of the processes that I teach avoid toxic shoe cements, new petroleum-based soling, and use vegetable-tanned or scrap leather. It’s about being “part of the solution (no matter how small) instead of part of the problem.” It feels so good to be on this path – please join me!

Why make shoes?!

  • they can be made of materials that you feel good about
  • they can be made in natural, healthy shapes
  • they can be made to fit unusually-shaped feet
  • you can express yourself creatively
  • it lessens your dependence on factory-made products that may not always be available
  • it’s empowering to make something that most people think you can’t!
  • you can repair them, so they don’t end up in the dump so fast.
  • you know that no one was exploited in the making of them – they are made with your good energy.