Waste Not * Want Not Earrings and Bracelets

These earrings, bracelets and cross-body phone bags are being made by women in challenging circumstances who live near me in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. They are all made from scrap leather, mostly from my shoemaking, but the bracelets are made from the finest Italian leather that I picked up from a nearby factory that makes motorcycle jackets.

When I went to the factory, the owner brought me around to the various work stations with an extra-big trash bag – but not many scraps were available so the bag remained pretty empty until we came to a station where the worker said, “There’s a lot of scraps here, but they are mixed in with food waste and other kinds of trash – so I said, “I’ll take the whole barrel! So we emptied all the contents into the trash bag, and when I got home and painstakingly went through the contents and separated out the beautiful black leather remnants – and now I have them to make these beautiful bracelets!

For all you “punks” out there, or funky old ladies, or people who do not like to wear leather, we are also making the earrings and bracelets from inner tube as well – they look identical to the leather ones!



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