The body glove and the nomoc

grown-up tuck-top

A visiting friend recently saw a pair of shoes I was wearing, and commented on how much they looked like a pair of shoes that he had recently purchased for running. On the next visit he brought his shoes, and I was excited about the similarities – it was a one-piece shoe made of a synthetic material, with a “channel” around the top that a drawstring cord passed through.

My shoes are the adult version of my “First Footsteps” toddler shoes. The kit for making “first footsteps” shoes includes the pattern for making these shoes in women’s sizes 6 – 10. Directions for making this shoe (I call it a “nomoc”) will be included in my soon-to-be-published book, How to Make the Simplest Shoes: Nomocs, Lomocs and Fomocs, with your own two hands!

Mine, made of leather and natural rubber, will totally biodegrade. If you make yourself a pair, you will know how to repair them if needed, and the leather can be re-used to make something else, perhaps a pair of toddler shoes. Shoes you make yourself have a long life ahead, while the commercial shoe has no future but the dump.


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