Soles with pre-punched stitching holes make shoemaking simpler than ever


“A step in the right direction” soling makes shoemaking SO simple. These soles are available in three material combinations:  all-leather, a leather topsole with natural rubber bottom sole, or 3mm wool felt with a natural rubber sole. The soles are pre-punched with stitching holes that match the upper patterns in The Simple Shoemaking Handbook.

The leather part of the soles is available in either natural or brown.

The soles are to be used for making “stitch-ins”, my new favorite simple shoemaking technique. They can also be used to make “stitch-downs” – shoes in which the uppers flare out on to the sole to be stitched.

“Stitch-ins” are made by turning the bottom edge of uppers in, so they give the appearance of being fully-lasted shoes. However, lasts aren’t needed, although they are helpful for stretching a stitched shoe to its full shape (you can make lasts using directions in The Simple Shoemaking Handbook – upper patterns are in this book also).

You can make flats, chukka boots/vellies, derbies – just about any style of upper using these soles.

To experience this shoemaking process, first order The Simple Shoemaking Handbook for directions and patterns, then make mock-up shoes from felt (two layers preferable, held together by adhesive) for the uppers and corrugated cardboard from a USPS box for the sole. Use either the stitch-down or stitch-in process to make your shoes. Once you are as sure as possible of the sole size you need, decide what materials you’d like your soles made of, and what color you’d like your uppers to be, then you’re ready to order the shoemaking kit. The cost of The Simple Shoemaking Handbook will be deducted from the cost of the shoemaking kit.

If you find that the mock-ups based on the patterns from the Handbook don’t fit as you would like, you can order custom-soles, at additional cost. A description of the process for making customized shoes is in the Handbook, and there’s also a video that demonstrates the process –

And, if you’d like personal assistance during any of these processes, i’m available to consult with via facetime or skype.