sandal inspiration from a teenager

A junior-high student came to visit me with her shoemaking mother; she showed me the sandals she had made with scraps left off from a project of her mothers. I love them! I think we all agreed that a toe-strap extending from the vamp band would be a good idea, which she planned to add, but otherwise, perfect!

Her work partially inspired a small book that I am working on right now, entitled “The Ground’s the Limit” – simple sandals you can make from recycled materials. I finally realized what would make great recycled soling – flip-flops that the straps have popped out of! How many of these are tossed into the trash from the five colleges here in my valley?! Now I’ve got to set up a collection scheme, I am hoping the Eco-club at UMass will help me. But people can find them everywhere, particularly along beaches. So let’s use them again – these soles and a recycled handbag and you’ve got sandals! 

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  1. Diane

    I recently soled some sandals with recycled flip-flops I got out of a free-box. I stitched the sandal’s leather top to the sole, stitching right through the sole. I pulled the stitches tight so they would sink in. If I timed the thread just right, I could tie the thread off inside the side holes in the sole. Then I used a hot glue gun to fill the holes and cover over my stitches. The hot glue is a little slippery on wet surfaces, though.

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