newsy bits: “workshop” at RISD, emails to my address book, working on shoes for people with swollen feet

1. I have my facebook business page functioning, so i was ready tonight to send out a one-time mailing, inviting people whose addresses are in my address book to take a look. I look forward to seeing who remains interested in simple shoemaking. Having a business page is still confusing to me, I can accept “likes” but I can only “like” other businesses, not people – so it seems I can’t show my appreciation for those who “like” my page by “liking” them back!  But I do so appreciate hearing from someone who has an interest in simple shoemaking… thank you.


2. On Tuesday, I am giving a “workshop” at Rhode Island School of Design to a group of students who are just returning from a design-trip to Italy! Each of them are using their design ideas to make a shoe that soon will be part of a group presentation.

This is so exciting for me – it’s like Project Runway (I never miss that show – and it starts again tonight) for shoes!  I plan to bring shoes I have made so they can see what the “stitch-down” process is like. I’ll also demonstrate how to make a shoe using Soles with an Edge, and using the traditional fully-lasted method (just a quickie; I don’t have much interest or experience making more complex footwear).  Then, I’ll show them how to make a mock-up shoe with felt, cardboard, and non-toxic cement.  I have a friend/photographer coming with me, so I expect to have a lot of photographs to share from this day – and then photos of the final creations.


3. Finally, my mother has ankles that swell, so purchasing footwear for her has become quite challenging. Imagining there are many other people with this problem, I’m working on a generic pattern that might prove helpful in making footwear for them. I’ll post it soon. If anyone would like to try it out during the “design stage”, please get in touch.