New videos will soon be available, some for free and some for sale

Today I uploaded four videos to youtube, and will then transfer them to this blog; I’ve been visiting my ancient mother, and while she watches television I put my headphones on and edit movies. I made a lot of progress during a recent visit, and have videos on three stitching techniques: how to do the simultaneous running stitch, the X and bar stitch for stitching  “butt seams”, and how to use the stitching awl.


I also have five teaching videos to burn, and will be offering them for sale at They are: how to make a child’s derby shoe (all processes are the same as those used to making adult footwear); how to make sandals; how to make the chukka moccasin; how to make a stitch-down renaissance-faire boot; and how to make a simple wellington boot. Now I will have more time for blogging which I have been looking forward to for a long time; my folder of shoemaking blogging topics is bursting! (even though it’s digital!)


While downloading the videos to Youtube, I caught a glimpse of other shoemaking videos out there; if you watched them all, you’d have quite an eclectic education – and many different opinions on how things are best done. I humbly believe that if you want to make something simple and ecological, mine are a good place to start.

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  1. Ellen

    I caught the new videos on last making. Terrific. I’m ready to get my materials and get started. What would you recommend for stuffing the last?

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