New pdf book: The Sandalmaking Handbook

The second book in the quartet of books I am planning is launched, The Sandalmaking Handbook. I am hoping it will help to bring on a sandalmaking revival! Sandals are relatively simple to make – I would have named the book “The Simple Sandalmaking Handbook“, to align with The Simple Shoemaking Handbook but all sandals are “simple” to make, and a book with that name might get confused with Tim Skyrme’s Simple Sandalmaking. If you purchase Neda Hussain’s E-book, How to Make Unique Leather Sandals (https://sandalmakingbook.secondskinblog.com/), it makes a nice companion to mine, as she brings much artistry to her sandalmaking.

This book is an updated compilation of my previous Simple Sandalmaking and Simplest Sandalmaking books, with color photos instead of (crude) drawings. Anyone who has ordered either of these books in the past can email me (sharon@simpleshoemaking.com) and I will send the new book out to them.

Additionally, I have copied the sandalmaking chapters from two books from the seventies, Christine Lewis-Clark’s and Brendan Smith’s Leathercraft and offer them on my website. I met Lewis-Clark decades ago, and don’t believe she’s involved with footwear-making any more, and I can’t find any information about Brendan Smith, but if either learns that I’m offering these chapters and want me to desist, of course I will. In the meantime – they’re a goldmine if you’d like to join the sandalmaking revival!

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