It seems I have been hunkered down for a long time – literally, as I’ve been draped over our wood stove for the last week, here in frigid Massachusetts. However, my stiff fingers could still type, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to complete the compilation of five of my books – How to Make Simple Shoes for Women, How to Make Cinch Tops, How to make Center-Seam Shoes, How to Make Stitch-down Shoes, and How to Make lasts –  into one, named “The Simple Shoemaking Handbook”.  All of the upper patterns will fit with a “universal” sole pattern, so there is an amazing variety of shoes you can make, using a range of simple processes, by using the directions and patterns from this one book. I’ll have it finished in a few days.

I plan to send the pdf out to anyone who has ordered any of these books from me in the past, who contacts me to let me know that you’d like to receive it.

I guess winter is good for something!

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