If you’re a lover of all things leather, you will enjoy this blog. Since the text is in Japanese, there wasn’t anything that I could read, but that wasn’t important because the photos are spectacular. I scanned for footwear and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, trying to imagine what the patterns for the unusual shoes would look like. I promised myself that I would attempt to make mock-ups someday. However, braiding leather so beautifully and making braided leather “bezels” to hold semi-precious stones in place, as this artist does so successfully, are things that I will never do.

Well, as I look closely at the sandal I see that the braiding is not simply decorative but is used to close a seam (Why is there a seam? – it does allow the soft leather to more closely take the shape of the foot – and also allows the maker to be able to stitch the upper pieces to the sole inside of the upper pieces – but are those the reasons?).


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