How to make traditional renaissance faire boots

I don’t know the origin of this photocopied book or its title, but it might be of interest to those of you who have seen people having their feet and legs duct-taped at Renaissance Faires and have wondered about the process for transforming the tape into patterns for boots – and then the process for transforming the patterns into some of the beautiful boots seen at faires.

Seen here is a photo of a simple Renaissance-Faire boot that I have made, but it’s made by the stitch-down process, so there is a little edge turned out where the upper meets the sole – I offer a DVD and patterns for making boots by this process).

In traditional “ren boots”, this seam is turned in. If you’re not familiar with these boots, simply google and you’ll find all sorts of “Renaissance Faire boots”.

To view this book, click on the link below.