And not a minute too soon; I just saw the moccasin in this photo for sale on ebay for $145.00 – it’s original cost – it was made by Prada – was $400.00! If you’ve got some bugle beads, suede, a piece of vegetable-tanned leather for the sole, and this book, you can make a reasonable facsimile for under twenty bucks.

My moccasin-making book will have the same format as my other books, that is, there will be patterns for making each style of moccasin in women’s sizes 6 – 10. Information on customizing is included. The styles in the book are: skimpy moccasin-flat with “maryjane” and t-strap variations, basic “loafer” moccasin, unique tie moccasin, and low and high-boot moccasin.

By moccasin, I mean that a piece of leather is cut out large enough for you to stand on, (I’ll call is the “body”) and the edges are pulled up around your foot. In the front of your foot the pulled-up edges are gathered around a “U”-shaped piece called the “plug”.

A moccasin can be made without an extra sole, or an extra sole can be cemented and stitched in place before the moccasin is stitched together.

I hope to have this book ready to sell in a month, along with a dvd of the moccasin-making process.

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  1. Is your book available already? I am studying for my master’s in art therapy and i have been exploring the link and metaphors between shoes and personal narratives. I am wondering if I could incorporate shoemaking as an art directive (activity) for my art therapy group involving adolescent girls.

    1. greetings, it’s not quite ready, but will be soon..i am not sure it would be the best for working with adolescent girls: are you imagining that they would express themselves in the making of footwear? would a simple “slide” sandal work – that had a wide band across the foot so they could paint, embroider, bead, applique there? please let me know a little more of your vision, best wishes, sharon

  2. I wish you would make your patters books to. Go to at least size 11. It’s so common these days for people to ave bigger feet.
    I would thnk that some of the people wh would be interested in making shoes would be the people with hard to fit feet and hard to get sizes.

    1. greetings, I agree, many people want to make shoes because they can’t get the size or shape they want from commercial shoes. If you are willing to do a little trial and error, you could use the Slow Shoes for Women book, and enlarge the size ten pattern to a size 11 by increasing it on a photocopy machine by 3% – or more, if that’s what you need. Once you enlarge it more than this, it starts to get out of proportion. That’s why I’m eager to write a Slow Shoes for Men book, with these larger patterns correctly sized. Please let me know if there’s some way I can help you get the patterns that are right for your feet.

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