Look at these precious shoes, from the Japanese site http://fungusworkshop.net/blog.html. You will definitely enjoy looking at its blog, there are so many beautiful leather creations.

There is a pattern for this little girl’s sandals in my book, “How to Make the Simplest Sandals”, although the heel piece is different. The patterns are for making sandals in all sizes, from small child to big adult: http://simpleshoemaking.com/product/how-to-make-the-simplest-sandals-for-everyone-with-your-own-two-hands/

These sandals from fungus workshop are particularly appealing to me–the way the straps are made is hard to figure out, they’re magical. Fortunately I have a pattern for them from Tim Skyrme’s Simple Sandalmaking book: http://www.shoemakingbook.com/sandalmaking%20book.htmI love the stitching that anchors each strap, and the name of the maker that is embossed on the strap. And, the colors! These could be made with beautiful vegetable-tanned leather from: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PergamenaNY, or natural vegetable-tanned leather could be dyed. Sandal straps and topsoles are best made from “veg” leather since it has the stiffness needed so the straps don’t pull out of them.

Enjoy fungus!

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