Leather patcher stitching machine refound!

Over a decade ago I saw a stitching machine for sale in Mother Earth News; it was offered for sale by a fellow who imported non-electric tools and machines from China. I spoke with him, he described this machine as one that shoe-repairmen would strap on their backs and carry from village to village, setting up shop wherever there was a place to clamp it down.

I ordered one and really liked the hand-crank. I used 138 thread, I believe it could handle thicker. I eventually stopped using it because it didn’t have enough space under the presser foot for me to stitch on soles as I liked to do – I got the electric Cowboy Stitcher as a replacement and continue to love this machine. But, if you’d like to use the thicker thread that is needed to make stitch-down shoes and want a low-cost machine, this might be what you are looking for. I believe you’d have to use shoe cement to attach the sole, unless your soling is thin.


You can order this machine from: http://www.leatherpatcher.com/


Shoemaking supplies online

vibram gumlite sole


Do you want shoelaces? A horse-hair shoe polish applicator? A solid-stick wart remover? Use the above url for these products and hundreds more; it’s an ebay store that has 17 pages of shoe repair shop supplies for sale; however, many of the products are useful for shoemaking as well. There are many types of petroleum-based rubber soles available; I stopped looking at the store’s offering after about 8 pages, but the list goes on and on. The gumlite soling shown above is a type that I used to use, it has a nice light weight with good grip. I cut it with a bandsaw after cementing it to the shoe. This type of sole can only be adhered by using Barge or other potentially-toxic shoe cements.