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Local Children’s Shoemaking Workshop! (near Amherst, MA)

I’ll be hanging up this flyer on local telephone poles! Wish you could attend!

Learn to Make “First Walkers”!


shoes for finley

Why make your children’s shoes? Well, they’d be locally-made, not in some distant and possibly unhealthy factory. You can select the materials – recycled leather, cloth, non-petroleum-based soling… You can express your individuality and that of your child by the design and embellishment choices you make. You can assure your child has healthy footwear – with flexible soling, no heel and a wide toe area, as close to being barefoot as possible. And, they are sure to cost a lot less!

Saturday, July 13

10:00 – 2:00


price includes pdf book How to Make Simple Shoes for Children and children’s shoemaking online video

for further information contact:

Sharon Raymond

145 Baker Road (location for workshop)

Shutesbury, Ma. 01072


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