Would you like to make some “magic” sandals?

I’m on a sandal-making journey, preparing for offering workshops at craft centers and “maker spaces” throughout the country. They usually require the instructor to accept up to ten students, so sandal-making is more manageable for me with this size group than shoe-making.  Proposing to teach at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, Ma., near my home, inspired me to create a workshop description. I’ll be teaching there June, 2018.

When I first sent my proposal to Snow Farm, I sent a photo of a solitary sandal – they asked if I could create a more appealing photo, so here it is, along with my workshop description:

In the seventies there were sandalmakers standing on Boston street corners, ready to draw around your foot and provide you with a custom pair of sandals in a few hours. Now you can’t find any sandalmakers in Boston, or most anywhere else.

This workshop is being offered to generate some new sandalmakers. We’ll make the “ultimate magic flip-flop” – I call it “magic” because when you look at the strap pattern it is puzzling as to how it could be transformed into a 3-D shape. I call it “ultimate” because of the way the strap cradles the foot.

And, it’s ultimate because the straps offer a prime site for embellishment – you don’t have to cover much area with it, yet it makes a great visual impact.

These sandals are stitched together so no toxic cements are needed to make them. Since the leather used is either vegetable-tanned or recycled, and the soling is made from a reycled material, these sandals are as ecological as you can get – next to going barefoot!