Soles with an Edge


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Soles with an Edge are soles with a suede strip standing up around the edge of the sole. There are perforations along the top of the strip, so you can place your handmade felt or fiber boot or clog onto the sole, inside the suede edge, stitch your footwear to it – and go for a walk outside!

 The Soles with an Edge have a 3/8″ thick sole, with a 1/4″  heel.  This makes a very flexible sole, which keeps feet warm in cold conditions. I stitch these soles on to avoid the use of toxic shoe cements, and use natural rubber for the soles.

To determine what size soles to order, download the sole patterns below, and make a model of the pattern you think is the right size for you. It’s best if your boots are already made and you can put them on while standing inside the model sole.

You’ll need duct tape, masking or cellophane tape and cardboard (USPS flat-rate box cardboard is ideal – from a recycled box, of course!) to make the model. Cut the most-likely-to-be-your-size sole pattern out, transfer it to the cardboard, and cut out the cardboard sole. Make a model of the suede edge from a strip of duct tape and masking tape; approximate lengths of duct tape are: A – 22″ B- 23″; C – 23″; D – 24″; E – 25″; F – 26″; G – 27″; H – 28″.

cardboard sole


Lay the length of duct tape out on a table, and adhere a piece of other tape along its top edge; then fold the duct tape over, leaving about 3/8″ of sticky back below the fold.


cardsole1Now make a duct tape edge standing up around the cardboard sole, representing the suede edge; adhere the sticky part to the underside of the cardboard sole, as you continue placing the tape around the edge of the sole.

 cardsole 3

When the edge is complete, stand inside your model with your boots on, and determine if it is the correct size for you.

cardsole 4


If not, order a size smaller or larger, as is appropriate, or modify the model until you are sure of your size. If you own a business selling materials such as yarns or fibers for making boots, you might make up a set of these models for your customers to step in to.

soles with an edge sole patterns

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Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 4 x 2 in
color of sole edge

black, red, chocolate brown, email me for other colors


A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H