pdf book: The Simple Shoemaking Handbook



 I believe this book provides what you need to make simple, ecological footwear, the last frontier in sustainable apparel for all “do-it-yourselfers”.

Things you will learn from the directions and patterns in this book are:

How to make the simplest shoes – nomocs, lomocs and fomocs (words I have created – I don’t think google knows of them yet — I just checked google, my words surprisingly popped right up – but they’re not in any online dictionaries – yet!)

How to make center seam shoes – I recommend that you make this style first

How to make one-piece shoes

How to make cinch-top shoes

How to make lasts from Peltex and playdough – I have a roll of Tyvek, and it also works well as the outer layer of lasts..

How to make custom shoe and last patterns

How to make stitch-down shoes

If you’re living in a developing country and dream of having a shoemaking career, working for a non-profit, or otherwise financially-challenged right now, I’ll send the pdf out at no cost. Just let me know by email.

I will be sending out pdf’s manually, attached to an email from “sendthisfile” – so it won’t be instantly downloadable, but I’ll get it out to you right away..

I hope you benefit from the use of this book.