pdf: How to Make the Simplest Sandals for Everyone with your own two hands!


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This is a book to get your started – some of the patterns are new, such as the fisher sandal (shown on the cover) and the tunnel sandal, shown in the second photo. The loop sandal and the “scuff” from the How to Make Simple Sandals and the “Tuscan sandal” from Crafting Handmade Shoes are  also included. This selection gives you many pieces to mix and match to give you a great opportunity not only to make shoes, but to design them as well.

The patterns are for feet from 3 1/2″ – 12″ in length.

I suggest that you use flip-flops that have had the strap busted out of them for soling, or order recycled soling from the store on this site.  Handbags and other articles from a thrift store can be a source for upper leather. These shoes can also be made from fabric, such as recycled denim.

Only a few tools and supplies are needed – 1/4″ double-sided tape (or wider tape cut down), two tapestry needles, a scratch awl or ice-pick sort of tool, and scissors that can cut the soling and leather.

You will receive a separate file for updated, and hopefully less confusing, soling for these sandals.

Put this book in your hands and you’ll be a sandalmaker before night falls!