“First Footsteps” kit for making toddler shoes – rich rusty brown Italian leather



NEW LEATHER COLOR::: Make these little shoes for a shower or birth gift, or give the kit to the crafty mother – shoes that seem so big will one day fit, just in time for those first steps. These are shoes to treasure, until a child from the next generation wears them.

Italian leather upholstery remnants are used to make these shoes.    Keeping this leather out of the landfill, and using it instead of purchasing new material, is one way I know of to assure that they are made of the finest materials for our children and our planet.

I developed them when my granddaughter began walking – the rounded edges of the shoes allowed her to move as if she were barefoot. The hand-dyed elastic that cinches the top is adjustable. These shoes have all the features that you’ve been looking for!

Three little stars can be punched on the front, or not, if you’d like to embroider, appliqué, paint, stamp or leave them unadorned.

The kit contains directions and patterns for making size 3 – 6 children’s shoes in several styles.

EXTRA! For a limited time I will send you pdfs of How to Make Cinch-tops for the Family with your own two hands! and How to Make Simple Shoes for Children with your own two hands! with this order. This means you will have shoemaking experience from making the shoes from this kit, then you’ll have directions and patterns for making them in sizes up to women’s size 10. Plus, you’ll have additional patterns and directions for making a variety of styles of children’s shoes. You can even use these materials to start a children’s shoemaking business if you like.

A video showing the process for making these little shoes can be found at: https://vimeo.com/146820501

However, disregard the directions for stitching the elastic as shown in the video, use the written directions instead – please note the ADDITIONAL DIRECTIONS FOR DEALING WITH THE END OF THE ELASTIC!!