pdf: How to Make Simple Shoes for Children with your own two hands!


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When babies are born, their feet might be two inches long; at eight years of age they might be eight inches long. This amazing growth requires many pairs of shoes to keep those feet shod. How much more healthy could they be for your child’s growing feet, how much more earth-friendly could his or her shoes be when you have control over all the materials that are used, how much money could you save, and how unique could your child’s shoes be, if you made them yourself!

This manual offers shoemaking directions and patterns for making four basic styles of shoes, boots and sandals in ten sizes.  These shoes are healthy for children because of their wide toe area and their flexibility; the aim is to simulate all the freedom of being barefoot, but with some protection.

The shoes are earth-friendly because of the non-toxic cement and natural soling materials used, and the recycled materials you are encouraged to use for the “uppers”.

The patterns in this manual was drawn by a not-so-steady-hand, please expect imperfections.