Maker Faires rock!

Last Sunday was a glorious-weather day at the Children’s Museum on the Boston waterfront, a perfect day for my first-time vending at a Maker Faire that was held there. Having my five-year-old granddaughter with my husband and me added to our joy – at seeing so many diverse, curious, imaginative, and inventive people of all ages having such a wonder-full time.

I brought samples of shoes that can be made in the shoemaking workshops that I offer, sandals like those that will be made in a workshop at Snow Farm Craft Center next summer, and pieces of First Footsteps shoemaking kits for toddlers, so customers could select the colors of leather pieces that they wanted in their kits.

There were computer-designed cotton socks from – I bought a purple pair with pink loops. And, Tertill: the solar-powered robot that weeds your garden was there —

Maker spaces in the Boston area were well represented, which I found inspirational, because I would love to offer shoemaking in a “launch space” being created at the Orange Innovation Center near me – and then at other maker’s spaces around the country.

There were marble run workshops, how to make a 3-D prosthetic arm, maker spaces for children, giant stamp rollers, D. Works Electrical fiddle-faddle – definitely not what is usually seen at your average craft fair!

Might your craft lend itself to a maker faire near you?!