it’s the era of eco and destructivo – perfect for simple shoemakers

I just ran across these “shoes” in an article at: Granted, his styles for men are “off the charts outlandish”, and Ximon Lee put these “shoes” on the feet of all his runway models.

Creations like these give me such license for making things with a similar spirit. I recall reading a book written by Natalie Chanin, of “alabama chanin” fame. In it, she recommended that surface embellishers leave their knots on the outside of t-shirts they were transforming with applique. I’ve not hid a knot since. (not totally true.)

Especially when using heavy fabrics in shoemaking, such as denim or canvass, just leave those edges raw! Put any interesting material over your foot, and go for a walk – the paparazzi might start following you, as an arbiter of high fashion!