“I’m on a roll”

I love to look up the etymology of phrases that enter my head such as “I’m on a roll” – I found that it’s basically the notion that “an object in motion tends to stay in motion”. I have indeed been experiencing “a prolonged spell of good fortune” that being “on a roll” implies.

img_0472First I went to the life-changing-Reuse Convention, then had a lovely shoemaking workshop in Maine. This weekend I taught at NewVestures, a new Makers’ Space in Lowell, MA. Makers’ Spaces provide all the equipment needed for people to start small businesses, as well as many other services. NewVestures is focusing on sewing, but it’s easy to see that the Director and Founder Diana Coluntino is open to supporting the making of most anything, that will contribute to the well-being of the community of Lowell.

I was so excited by Diana’s creative energy. img_0483Her in-process canvas pieces were first striped with masking tape, then painted, then the tape came off, then paint was applied with abandon, so much freedom–

I know I was observing freedom because I don’t really have it with paint – but I think she’s going to release me from paint inhibition.. I dream of offering a canvas scuff-making workshop, with her teaching the participants and me what is possible with paint – then we’ll do it! Afterwards, I’ll teach them how to transform their masterpiece into a pair of “bad-ass” scuffs!

Here are First Footsteps shoes made by workshop participants, everyone likes two-tone.