I scored a triple today!


I visited with precious in-laws, viewed the magnificent exhibition “Shoes: Pain and Pleasure” at the Peabody Museum in Salem, Ma. http://www.pem.org/exhibitions/191-shoes_pleasure_and_pain, then visited EXTRAS for creative reuse in nearby Peabody Ma. for the first time.

I enjoyed the presentation of the 300 pairs of shoes almost as much as I enjoyed seeing the shoes. (See some beautiful shoe photos at the link above). Visitors were welcomed by a massive shoe made from black shoe boxes – and inside the exhibit, the most memorable feature for me was the kraft-paper shoe boxes that were stacked everywhere on which shoes were displayed..I imagine this show will go to another museum, but if not I’d love to be around when the disassemblers try to figure out what to do with all those gorgeous shoeboxes–. And while I’m thinking of it, another highlight for me were the round shoeboxes holding shoes for sale in the gift shop – I recall the shoes were labeled “U” and the designer was Japanese..

Shoe-wise, I loved the way that modern shoes were frequently juxtaposed with an ancient shoe that may have inspired it.. There was the continual marvel that women’s feet were so small and narrow in centuries past.

Jocelyn at EXTRAS http://extrasforcreativereuse.org/ has done an amazing job of offering all kinds of waste, headed to the landfill, to members to use creatively. I met her at the life-and-product-transforming REUSE convention last fall. There she had a table filled with imaginative objects made from materials from her enterprise. She gave me a portfolio full of lovely leather scraps and a little last – on the side was imbedded “Robeez, size 4”.

If you have had children or grandchildren in the last decade, you know that Robeez are very popular soft footwear. And size 4 is the size I offer in my “First Footsteps” shoemaking kits. What a gift, to make future patterns over! And I found a few more lasts at EXTRAS today, that I will offer for sale in my store.

I left there with an ample bag of felt, that I will use for making shoe mock-ups. I also found so many interesting leather samples from nearby shoe manufacturers. They will definitely add color and texture to shoes made in my workshops.  And, I grabbed paint sample cards for my granddaughter to play with – I’ve included a photo of one of the hundreds of paint chip projects listed on Pinterest.

If you are within reach of this part of the world, the “Shoe: Pain and Pleasure” exhibition will be up until March 12, and EXTRAS is not far from the museum. If you don’t have relatives in the area, at least you’ll score a double!



Christmas tree from paint colour sample card. Could be fun kid craft.: