Tonight I scored on Pinterest by finding this website and accompanying facebook page:

Although Martin Moser claims he is not a shoemaker, you will see some of the most extraordinary and beautiful recreations of historical footwear on his pages. I love this shoe (unfortunately he does not take square photos so getting a whole shoe into one of his photos doesn’t happen very often), it’s a half “nomoc”, if you’ve been following my terminology.. Another unfortunate thing is that he does not supply directions for recreating the shoes that he makes, but many of them are sufficiently simple, such as this one, that I could make up a tutorial for it eventually…

I realize this photo is tiny, but if you go to this page on his website you will see large exquisite photos of this – and many other – shoes.

And, the bit of carving or embossing on the vamp is sublime. I have much gratitude for your work, Martin!