Have you seen any boots more beautiful than these?!



This url takes you to an amazing site. There, you’ll see the magnificent footwear Martin Moser has recreated from choice specimens from the 14th century BC to the 18th century AD.

The original Castelford boot was found at the site of a Roman fort – it is listed as being a boot from the late first century.

I’m surprised Trippen hasn’t duplicated the snazzy lacing tabs seen on this shoe, although I’m not surprised that they haven’t duplicated the soling, since it is decorated with hefty nails.

Note that this is a one-piece upper: the only seam is found on the inside of the boot. It would be enjoyable to re-create this pattern, the only problem being that you’d need big pieces of leather to make the one-piece boots from. And, I think I’d make each tab folded and double-layered, so not so much stitching would be required. After all, I wouldn’t have any reason for painstakingly re-creating the exact boot, as this maker has.

And the color! an early Timberland?

You’ll find more information on Mr. Moser and his processes on his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/leatherworkthroughtheages