First Footsteps toddler shoes made at Mothering Magazine office!

I am so appreciative of Agata at Mothering magazine for writing about my shoemaking kits on the Mothering facebook page:, also pasted below.

My goal has been to create a simple pattern for children’s shoes that makers could use to make footwear for family, friends and, if desired, as a small local business.

There are toddlers everywhere who need footwear, why not make them from thrift shop scraps and bike inner tubes – they’ll be ecological as well as healthy – and fun. If we want to make decisions based on how they will affect seven generations, I don’t think there’s a better way to begin than by making ecological footwear for the next generation.

Here’s the Mothering post: “Having fun in the office with this AWESOME “First Footsteps” shoemaking kit. I just made my first pair of baby shoes and am so proud!!!! We love supporting small businesses here at Mothering! Thanks @simpleshoemaking <3 You can get yours at:”